Standard Box Pick-up Pool
No in-ground pool?  No problem!

- Tailgate parties

- RV parks

- Camping

- Relaxing in the driveway

Say goodbye to tarps and bungee cords and say hello to the Pick-up Pool. The Pick-up Pool is the ultimate truck bed swimming pool. It is the perfect party accessory and a great way to cool off, anywhere.

But how do I know what size I need for my truck?
Measure the inside of your truck bed from the bulkhead to the tailgate.

64"- 70" = Short Box
74"- 80" = Standard Box

Standard Box Pool (6.5 Ft) $209.99!
$189.99! (August only)
US Patent No. 9,352,703

Bring the pool party with you..wherever you go

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Short Box Pool (5.5 Ft) $199.99!
$179.99! (August only)

Short Box Pick-up Pool

Ships only to contiguous United States.

Ships only to contiguous United States.

Lifetime Guarantee!

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