Never drive with water or occupants in the bed of your vehicle while using this product. Never exceed the manufacturer's maximum payload specifications for your make/model truck. Never leave children unattended in a this product. Exercise extreme caution when entering or exiting the bed of a pick-up truck while using this product. For outdoor use only on a hard and level surface.

Bring the pool party with you!

US Patent No. 9,352,703

The ultimate truck-bed swimming pool is finally here. Its the PICK-UP POOL ! The Pick-up Pool (or Pup for short) conforms to the interior of your truck-bed and secures itself in-place. The redneck swimming pool is a thing of the past. Say goodbye to tacky tarps that leak, tear and never want to stay put. Say farewell to abrasive ropes and bungee cords that scratch your paint. The Pick-up Pool eliminates all of those problems. Simply pull the corners of your Pick-up Pool over the corners of your truck-bed and fill with water. That's it! To drain, open the drain valve located on the tailgate side of the pool. Unlike redneck swimming pools, Pick-up Pools are durable and built to last. Each Pick-up Pool liner is made of thick 30 mil vinyl, which is thicker than most conventional pool liners. All Pick-up Pools are made in the USA.